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First Butts of the Year with Q-View

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Today I am smoking 2 5lb Butts along with wings, which I just devoured, poor things never stood a chance and also have a whole bird on.


I also wanted to say I love these forums. Sometimes there is too much conflicting information but none the less you learn something everyday here. While trying to do my Butts I wanted to inject them and had safety concerns which is when I learned about the 40-140 guideline. I have been a nervous wreck today trying to maintain a good temp, windy and cool, with my smoker dropping to around 200 several times. I finally got the heat up in the box, moved my meats over to help get that temp up with in 4 hours. So far so good but I was curious as to what people do if they don't hit 140 in that amount of time for injected meats? Throw them away and start over? Keep going?


Anyways here is a starting pic. Others to Follow as time goes on!



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I dont inject very often but I have had the same problem with my old smoker on windy cold days. I would put whatever you could around the smoker to block the wind. I think you will be ok with the butts just try to keep the lid closed as much as you can to keep that heat on them? I always kept going. The most it has taken me to get to 140 is 5 1/2 hrs, and that was on a larger but I didn't let get to room temperature before I put it on the smoker. I'm doing a but as we speak, good luck to you.

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Finished product and 2 sauces I made, tomato based and carolina mustard.







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How long was your smoke?

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At the 4 hour mark I hit 139 / 144 and climbing. At 7.5 hours they registered 195 and 200ish. I pulled the chicken off at 6 hours and it registered 170-175 in the breast with higher temps around the leg. I was really worried after reading about the 40-140 rule since I've never done a winterish smoke and the winds were not in my favor today as well. I blew through 20lbs of charcoal and about 6 chunks of hickory. The smoker was all over the board and at one point it dropped to about 150 but I was on top of it every 30 minutes or less so I was able to get it back up rather quickly.


One Butt was so easy to pull it was the easiest I've ever done. The other was rough in some places and felt like it should be sliced instead. I pulled both anyways.

I injected both with different marinades which may have played a role.


I'm not sure which is worse, smoking in wind and cold or 100 degree weather. So far that's how all my smokes have been LOL. One day I will have the perfect day!

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