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New batch of cheese

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Ok started new batch of cheese. Will send cheese view when i get on PC. Typing from a droid
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Ok Cheese view with Todd's AMNPS


Back row is New York Sharp, 2nd is Extra Sharp, and third is Colby





Got the good ole 'Thin Blue Smoke' thing happenin! 

Check back in 3.5 hours


Thanks for looking


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popcorn.gif i'm in

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Now the waiting game so I guess I need to do the same



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Ok they are done. Cheese view shortly
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Ok Cheese View time:



All done, didn't have much color, but you can definately smell the smoke.  and this time it was 'sweaty'


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Looks like it turned out great. Don't ya just love the AMNPS for making this so easy

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GREAT JOB!  I just did some over the weekend, can't wait till it mellows in the fridge and we can open the bags up.smilie_flagge13.gif

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that is the most painful part is the waiting game pot.gif

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Great job, but the waiting is murder!

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No doubt. The waiting is gonna be killer!!!!
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