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Sausage Tamale

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I was watching triple D and a BBQ guy in KC made sausage and then stuffed it in corn husks instead of casings then smoked it.


I made the sausage with a piece of loin and some pork belly fat that I had left over from a belly used for bacon.  I only made a little over a pound.  


Loin cut into cubes



belly fat.  I also added 4 slices of bacon for a little more flavor.  




Sausage is ground and corn husks have been soaked.  I rolled into a log and then rolled into the husks.



I found that if you put to husks opposite of each other then they roll up easier and you can fold both ends over.



Just put on the smoker. Only took a couple of hours at 225



Little qview of the finished product.  I prefer a fattier cut of pork for sausage but all I had at the time was loin.

The sausage was still really good. 



We sliced it and served it over rice.  I like a little sriracha sauce on the side.




Thanks for taking a look.



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Very nice!

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Good looking plate!!

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Nice looks delicous, I recently made some tamales using masa dough and some chipolte chicken, and I put a few in the smoker to cook instead of steaming them, and they turned out pretty good, they were different then the steamed ones a little more dry but not bad


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I saw that same episode and did the same thing you did. They are so much fun - I bet those were tasty 

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Looks good.  I just had hot peppers stuffed with Italian sausage that had been roasted and then covered in marinara sauce in a restaurant in Cleveland.  If you change the husks to peppers, it is the same process.  I think it would be great done in a smoker or even on a grill.

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Cool Idea........................ Bet they were awesome... Nice plate



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Neat idea.  I'll take a plate that looks like that any day!

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