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Smoked pork chops

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I was really smoking a turkey but I couldn't let the space in the MES go to waste so I put in some thick cut pork chops. I let them sit for an hour in a half and half mix of ginger wine and soy sauce. 250 degrees for two and a half hours with light cherry smoke; took them out at 165 internal temp.


smoked pork chops


They look and smell good but the turkey is for tonight [edit - I stole a bit and they're good]


smoked turkey


The turkey deserves a mention; it cooked a little long as I couldn't believe it would only take 4 hours and thus didn't check back soon enough. Darkmeat is terrific but the breast is a little dry.

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Looks like a successful smoke - always use temp not time and your food will be properly cooked. 

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A bit dry?  Put some gravy on it.  Looks great to me.

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This looks like awful good eating to me. We do a lot of bone-in turkey breasts. Temperature is pretty critical on turkey breasts. A ten degree too high internal cooking temp on turkey breast will make it too dry. Five degrees is pushing it. 

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Everything looks good from here!

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