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Bacon: To Hang or not?

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I'm in the process of cold smoking another pork belly today....I'll start a thread with Q-View shortly. I have the slabs hanging using bacon hooks and have noticed that the slabs have elongated some. So my question hang or not? My thought is that the elongation caused by hanging will result in thinner strips.

On the other hand, if I lay the slabs horizontal on racks, will I get equal smoke penetration?

Any thoughts? I'm probably over thinking this waaay too much.
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I agree, you are overthinking it. biggrin.gif


Did you remove the skin/rind before hanging? I can't say that I have ever noticed mine stretching but I don't remove the skin until afterwards.

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I received the belly with the rind already removed....that may have to do with the sagging.
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It does provide rigidity. Even so, I wouldn't worry about it. I am willing to bet your bacon will be awesome.

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I'm watching...My Wife is picking up a Skinless Belly as I type...Since I have never hung bellies before, your result should be interesting...JJ

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I hang mine and no it does not make thinner strips icon_lol.gif



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