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My first Turkey

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Well, My wife came home with a bird the other night and wanted it smoked in mesquite. I brined it, spiced it and put it in at 9 a.m. The winds picked up to 30 mph and the air temp dropped from 73 yesterday to 40 today. I put a board around the bottom of the smoker to keep it from being blown out with gusts over 40 mph. The temp is steady at 250, wish me luck.


Sorry no picks before it went it. I'll take some as It progresses

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You might consider placing wind break around smoker if you are having heat problem and good luck

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I put a board around it to block the wind. The temp is now at 275. I think it'll be ok.

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Is it done yet?

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It looked good, sorry no pictures...I forgot. I think I had too much smoke and not enough spices. I started worrying about the 40-140 rule. I think I passed 140 before the time limit, but started doubting myself. Turkey may not take as long but seems like more to worry about.

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