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When to inject?

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I've read a lot here about brining and injecting. I've read some that say inject after brining, just before smoking and some seem to inject just before brining. I have a turkey in brine now and I'm smoking it tomorrow when friends come over. What seems to work the best for you?



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I'm no expert here but I did 2 turkeys over the holidays last year and I brined them and didn't inject and they were the juiciest best turkeys I have ever had. (Thanks to SMF for teaching me about brining)

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No expert here either but after brining my chickens with the Slaughterhouse poultry brine I cant see an injection would do any more for it, they are always very juicy and have great flavor.



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Like many I brine and have not injected...But...For Safety, Brine and Rinse then Inject, there will be less risk of pushing surface Bacteria in to the bird...JJ

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I brine mine then wash very good to get all the salt off. Then inject them with creole butter coat with oil the rub them down. The birds are very good with out the injection but I like the creole favor adds a little zing.. Good luck I'm sure they will be tasty whick ever way you go. remember pictures

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I brine, rinse, then inject just before I put the bird in the smoker.

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