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Started with a 2.25lb boneless chuck which I ground then added a medium sweet onion, half a green bell pepper, 3 eggs, a little bread crumb and cracker crumb, a touch of Oakridge rub from a sampler I recently got, a couple of tbs of bbq sauce and S & P. Smoked on the Masterbuilt electric smoker with some oak. Finished with a smear of bbq sauce the last 30 min. Total cooking was 3.5 hr at 275. Not overly smokey but got a little smoke ring which I was surprised to see. Tasted great and served with a bit of slaw from the other night. Definitely not my mama's meatloaf

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Looks like it turned out mighty tasty 

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What a great looking meatloaf!  Once you smoke 'em, you'll never look back!  drool.gif

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Looks great! and No Mom never Smoked them...Wish she had!...JJ

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Looks excellent!

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Great lookin Meat Loaf.....It's on my list.


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 I just have to try that. I keep seeing them on here and it's driving me nuts, but then I had a head start anyway.




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