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Dueling Briskets this wknd

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Well. As you know, I, No Peek 'n got a new MB XL gasser, and SoSlow got a new  Camp Chef Vault gasser, and live down the street from each other (sometimes that's a bad thing) hehe.! J/K, He got a 7lb'r at Wally world and, I got a 11lb'r +/-, at Stater bro.(cheaper per lb) up here on the hill,(he's bent.! cause I didn't tell him they were back in stock in the meat counter) I'm on his $*%* list now (Whoopee)76.gifBlah.Blah....We are going to fire up the gassers this weekend and both do a Brisket Cook off. I'm going to mix up some off Jeff's Rub I got from him (paid for) and wont share with J.T, not yet at least for now..and he is going to mix up his own concoction, (unknown at this time).and we are tossing in the slabs Sat AM, and see who's Monster will turn out with hopefully good results. and with Qview on both parties...Cross your Fingers....Break a leg J.T...



O' By the way, I helped Create... this Monster!.SoSlow

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Hey No peek n

The smoke is on !!!!!!!!! stand by to get smoked dude (haha.) Boy dog me on that sale price.

 In all fairness he is a great smoker, if he can get out of bed before noon. I'll be eating when he is stalling( HaHa.)

A bushmill toast to ya No Peek n good luck.






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Sounds like a fun weekend! Good luck guys!

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4896.jpg480480Ya Al we just having some fun ! 

I did a spog with very light cayenne pepper last nite wraped and put in freg. keep it simple.

hikory and apple  wood smoke, 

7 lbs is a little small and thin, so I am trying to run around 2101.jpg to keep it slow. on at 5;30 am.

A few pics

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 I dont EVER remember any of my neighbors even lighting a grill. I take that back,,, I have seen one neighbor cook on a grill ONE time..  I live in the Twilight Zone.....

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all the neighbors will be outside trying to decide which one of you two to drop by and visit today !!!!!

I would stop by both !!!!!!!!!!!!!

can I be the judge ???????biggrin.gif

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Originally Posted by Terry Colwell View Post

 I dont EVER remember any of my neighbors even lighting a grill. I take that back,,, I have seen one neighbor cook on a grill ONE time..  I live in the Twilight Zone.....

I'm in the same boat as your. A few of my neighbors use their grills and there is one guy across the street who always uses a charcoal grill but other then that I am the only one around here that I have seen who smokes anything. They use to always some buy when I was out there smoking but now I mostly smoke on the slab I poured in the back yard so they don't know I'm smoking most of the time now. Good luck with your cook off and have some fun with the neighbors.

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IMG_1390 copy.jpgI made ranger72 finishing sauce, family loved it! and pulled the brisket at about 185 for slicing ( family wanted to eat at 7:30pm.


all was good family liked it. I wanted to keep going till we got to 195 and try a pulled brisket but family came first.


John  IMG_1382.jpg

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By the way

I trimmed off the top of the fatcap and put in the sauces ! is why no bark on top.




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It looks amazing bet you guys had a great party.

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Picture 007.jpgSoSlow, That looks Killer, Nice smoke ring, and the dipp'n sauce looks Tasty too. OK, My Turn, I got up BEFORE noon (very funny),8:30a to be frank, pulled the Beast out of the frig after it being put to bed the night before all dusted up and vey lightly trimed.

got it on the smoker at 9:00a


Picture 001.jpg

put it in at 230* for the first 4 hrs,then I went and put the meat probe in, had to ajust the depth a little to find the coolest reading, just NEVER PULL the probe back out(juice fountain) Dumb move stupid... I got my smoker dialed in from 221-223* good and steady for 6 1/2 hrs, it dropped a few times to 217

but went back to the original temp.(sweet.!) I love that Maverick.! it stalled at about 158 for about and hour then stalled again at 176 but then started to inch up 1* every 20mins or so, i only replenish the Hickory chunks 3 time during the smoke due to i kept a very consistant TBS for about 2 1/2 hours.Picture 008.jpg

took a Peek (just once to take a pic, and put another log on the fire). and to check to see if the juice wasn't getting on the bottom of my smoker.Picture 003.jpg

got it sitting nice on the temp, just sat back and watched NASCAR, and having a few Suds to sip on. did I mention i LOVE the ET-732, where have you been all my life, the bag is to just keep greasy sticky stuff off. oops the Pic went to the top..

So I didn't wrap at 165*, I wanted to smoke it all the way through start to finish (old School) and then the temp Flew up at the last 11/2 WOW.Picture 009.jpg

I just tapped up the temp for about 30min , cause it got real chilly ouside and the smoker started to drop big time,

Well time to pull......Picture 010.jpg

I took a little pinch off the end, but I wrapped it in  plastic rap and let ti rest for a hour, then into the Frig, I wanted it to firm up so I woundn't loose anymore juice, and wanted to  try out the new FoodSaver and get nice firm is the end results, it doesnt look very Sexy, but I slowly heated up some for dinner last night and Holy Mother Of Gun Oil...!!!! fall apart tender and the flavor is on Point, a little more fat than I would like, but I think it really added to the flavor and Moistness...Thanks for Peek'n at my Qview folks...And It was a Hoot cook'n with Ya'll SoSlow...




and all packed up for Sammies down the road.....Picture 015.jpg


Picture 013.jpg

Picture 012.jpgPicture 016.jpg

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Now that some good looking brisket.
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Looks like a dead heat to me!  Delicious results.



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Looks good no peek n

You went for the whole packer cut were as I just did a flat. Fun weekend.




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