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I had the same dilemma.  Couldn't decide between the Yoder YS640 or the Cookshack PG500.  After careful and diligent research and consideration, I decided to go with the PG500.  I absolutely LOVE it.  It is so easy to either grill or smoke and does a fantastic job.  I couldn't be happier with this stainless steel work horse.  Workmanship is far beyond my expectations.  I think the trigger was the Cookshack's grill was easier to grill on.  Also, I liked the idea of stainless steel.  


My main concern with making the leap to pellet smokers versus the stick smokers was the fact that the pellet smokers do not produce as much smoke.  I deliberated that issue for a long time.  Don't worry about it.  You get plenty of smoke with the pellet.  

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Thank you for sharing.  I like the idea of Stainless and I also like the idea of having the best of both worlds....searing and smoking.  I've only seen 3 places that are offering the the PG500...BBQ Island, Firecraft & of course cookshack.  Do you mind sharing who you purchased your from and the overall experience?





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Not at all.  I did not have a dealer nearby (live in NW Florida) so I had to go directly through Cookshack in Oklahoma via their web site.  It just so happened that they were having a sale going on, 10% off plus 2 free 20# bags of pellets.  So I think I got a good deal.  Had to pay $160 in shipping, though.  

The only options I bought were the front shelf (you need one) and a cover.

The people were extremely helpful and courteous.  Knew the answers to all of my million questions.  The buying process was smooth as silk.  I think it took about 3 weeks to get it.  It arrived on a wooden sled in perfect condition.  Easy to unpack and install the shelves.

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Forgot.  With the sale price, I paid $1435.50 for the grill not including the extras or shipping.  If you can get it for less, I don't want to hear about it. Ha.

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Sounds good...Thanks!

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