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Trimming fat for roast beef???

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Well I was talking to the meat guy today he found out I had started smoking some stuff so I asked him what he could cut me a deal on.  I ended up getting a Round eye roast choice angus for a couple bucks a pound.  It is a six pounder I would like to make Roast Beef sammies out of it.  There is quite a bit of fat on it should I be cutting that off as I really do not like a whole lot of fatty substance on my sammies.  Can i just cut it off and then place it above for the fat to drip down?  


Thanks once again for your guys advice it has helped so much.


Wade H

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Little agreement on this one?


Your round is pretty lean.  I like to leave the fat on while smoking.  Later I remove it if I wish.


Good luck and good smoking.

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Just a little one yep next time bacon gets done I have to save some for him.  


Alrighty I think I will put the rub on and trim the fat off after it is all cooked like you suggested.

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I have never seen a large amount of Fat on an Eye Round...


In any event, there is no reason you can't trim and let it drip from above...That is a favorite technique of SmokinAl...Good luck...JJ

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Good luck & let us know how it turns out.

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