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Score on 18.5" WSM

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Found it on Craiglist here. I got it for $100, looks like it was used 1 time, also came with a cover and instructions. Will definately be trying it out by this weekend.

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Congrats - you'll love the WSM!

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Thanks Bama, any tips for my first smoke with the WSM? Was going to do a 2.5 # chuck roast and maybe some beef ribs and or spareribs with royal oak lump. After reading all the hype on the WSM I am totally stoked to fire it up and taste the results!

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Nice score on the WSM. They are a good unit straight out of the box. With a few mods they are GREAT.  If ya have any questions feel free too PM me

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Great score! You are going to love that bad boy!

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Good job! 

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Nice score. I just pulled the trigger on a new 22.5.


Post some pics when you get it fired up!

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