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Newb needs advice

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Saw a brinkmann snp on Craigslist today for a $100....was considering buying a cg pro brand new before I saw this cuz I'm on a budget...any advice would help....see lots of people with the cg the snp at $100 a good deal?
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Show us a link so we can see the smoker...

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Thread Starter is the link.....looks in decent shape....what do u think

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I paid 50 bucks for my braunfel and it was in mint condition........ 100 bucks for the brinkman  is too high for me....


heres a mod i did



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I think that they sell for around 150.00 around here. If it is in excellent condition and you like it...Why not !

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I would try and dicker with him on price. 

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Hand him $75 cash and see if he is happy...JJ

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Jimmy would take $25  but he is right negotiate LOL 

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