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my plate took  3 weeks , I had to  call ,I could not get reply from emails.

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I have tried to call several times and also left a voicemail, to no avail. If I have to drive across the state just to talk to them I'm gonna be a MAD S.O.B. when I get there!
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Originally Posted by mudfarmer View Post

I have tried to call several times and also left a voicemail, to no avail. If I have to drive across the state just to talk to them I'm gonna be a MAD S.O.B. when I get there!

becareful about driving over they had to make mine because they were out .

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I assume they make them as they are ordered since there's a 3-4 week wait.
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I finally got someone to talk to. Turns out my order was misplaced but thankfully they found it and I should have it in a day or two.
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Is there a way to check if they are made in china? I just went to Lowes in my area the Ok Joe quality looks pretty good. Definitely better than my MB 30 propane.
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All the new Oklahoma Joe smokers are made in China you have to find a old one to get one made in USA
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For what I paid for this smoker I was hoping for way better quality. The fire box is all but burnt out and it's only three years old. I've had to rebuild the damper/clean out door and the rest of the firebox won't last thru the winter. The price to replace these parts exceeds the worth of the smoker. A new smoker is in my near future.
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Char-Broil makes them now.

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It is the smaller version of the Longhorn. I just got one being shipped to me today. At least if it is bad you can take it to walmart.

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The Problem with China is the quality control issues. If you get one, you will have to double check it over to make sure that it is good. Check those welds and check if they aligned the doors right. You may have to bring one or two back to get a decent one.

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What size sheet of expanded metal would be good to make a coal basket for the fire box in a OK joes

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Not to chime in since im so new but i got the oklahoma joe highland from walmart for 260 still mych better the the brinkmann from home depot and i figuee its a good first smoker
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This is my first time reading this thread and I've learned a lot about the differences among offsets. My sig is a link to my rig, AFAIK nobody else here is running a Masterbuilt offset - ?? - anyway I got in the ball park for cheap at $125.


I have fewer complaints than many here, regarding build quality. (I used to have a New Braunfels Big Texas with very poor welds, visibly crooked.) The lid seals are drafty and I'm trying to figure out a better fix than folded foil. :biggrin:


It has the usual offset quirks but I love the versatility. I'm glad my cooking surface is three racks that I can shuffle or remove. Because I can raise the charcoal tray in the chamber, I can actually grill like a hibachi, with less fuel.


I've scorched the paint on the firebox lid, but I blame myself for that. Otherwise the paint is suffering from the unit sitting out in the weather since May 2012. But it's nowhere near any kind of rust-through problems. I haven't needed to repair anything.


I think I'll remove the swinging rack mounted in the lid, though. I've never used it, and it interferes with tall pieces like the turkey breast which I recently cooked on the old Weber kettle. Butts wouldn't fit, either.


All in all, I'm happy with it.

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Wife just got me a new Chinese longhorn from Walmart. It has the typical defects noted by everyone else, i.e. door misalignment, scratches etc. The difference is she pointed these issues out to the manager and walked out with an $84 discount. This smoker is well worth $350.
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Okay folks, first fire in the new Q. The menu today is a brisket flat (on and doing good), 2 racks of baby backs (going on in 4 hours), 2 chickens (going on in 5 hours), 1 double smoked spiral cut ham (going on in 6 hours). The ham is primarily to make my favorite red eye gravy. :)
I will also slip in some crab, garlic, and parmesan stuffed mushrooms just because. The weather is a little Crappy today (have to wear insulated flip flops), but should be 80 by tomorrow.
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So from what i gather. If you ask to see the ones in stock if assembled and give em a good once over you can get a descent one. As with others make your mods to fit your style and go with it.
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I won't own another one. The fire box is apparently made out of tin foil. I've rebuilt the firebox door/damper. The box itself won't last the winter. It's three years old.
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Speaking for me, the one wife got me was the last one in the store which is why she got 20% off.
I haven't made any mods yet, but I actually like a little variance of temp from one end to the other cause I tend to cook more than one type of meat at a time. Works well.
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