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Big Score!

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My wife's family is pretty dang awesome!  Her grandparents raise cattle and so does her aunt and her uncle.  So every year her grandfather gives us 1/4 of beef for free! We usually recieve this in June or July, well this year we ran out of beef a few weeks ago.  Her aunt happened to be in town last weekend and I asked her if I could buy some beef from her to hold us over til June. Today I went and picked up 80lbs of beef and about 10lbs of pork today!  Got it all for $150.  Not complaining at all!  


We Got:

15 - T-Bone Steaks

10 - Sirloin Steaks

6 - Ribeye Steaks

4 Beef Roasts

1 Sirloin Tip Roast

1 Beef arm Roast

1 Rump Roast

5lbs Short Ribs

10 Tenderloins

10 Tenderized Rounds

19 pounds Hamburger

1 Ham

and Pork Chops





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What would I have to do to get adopted into the family?


Good luck and good smoking.

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You have some great in-laws!

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With meat prices on the rise again,,, that is perfect.. Finding good beef is getting to be a chore.

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Congratulations, that is probably about $400+ or more of meat!  And very nice wrap job too!

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So NOW we know why you really married her. biggrin.gif

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Looks like you have a few meals to cook there.  Exploring your freezer can be just as satisfying as shopping the meat department.  Look for your inspiration, start thawing the meat, and come back to this website for BBQing assistance in how to smoke it. 


Two rules apply.  Don't defrost anything in your microwave and more importantly, don't defrost anything in your microwave.  We don't promise you anything more than the most tender and juicy meat you have ever tasted.  Seriously, it can happen.  We've got some great experts as moderators and if you walk and talk like you're interested in learning, this is the right place to be and they won't steer you wrong.


What's your smoker?  Looks like a Brinkman but I'm not sure.

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