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Sweet Lebanon Bologna

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Mixing 5 lbs of 90/10 for some sweet lebanon bologna.


Using Poli's recipe that can be found on his site.


Here is my ingredients. Thats my butcher sting in the container.




Mixed 1/4 tsp of the f-rm with 1/4 cup distilled water and set aside. Have 1 1/4 cups dark brown sugar ready and all the dry ready to mix. Note the f-rm-52 will only ferment the dextrose, not the brown sugar.




I deviated from his recipe by adding the dry to the meat? Why would you risk clumps. I added the dry to 1/4 cup of distilled water. This will eliminate any clumping in the meat.



I added the seasoned water to the meat and mixed well for 3 mins. At the 3 min mark i added the f-rm-52 to the meat and mixed well for 3 more mins.



Put the meat mix in a tub and fridge for 24 hours covered.






I dont have anymore beef middles or caps so the SW is going to be stuffed into fibrous casings.



This item is not part of the recipe. Just showing what you can use if you dont have any fermento. This is located in the store by the baking items for pies.



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Very cool. Definitely going to be watching this one!
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Going to be using my MAK Pellet smoker and Bradley side box for the SLeb.


What? What side sausage box on your MAK

This one.



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Im in I always enjoy your posts. I learn alot from them. pepsi.gif110.gif

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You must be missing your Pennsylvania dutch friends.............. 102.gif


Nothin like some good ol' lebenon bologna to cheer ya up...........



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Looking good so far Rick. I have looked all over for that buttermilk and I have never seen it out here. 

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good start. pepsi.gif

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Nepas,,, Whats the mace add flavor wise??

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Originally Posted by Terry Colwell View Post

Whats the mace add flavor wise??

Mild nutmeg flavor (it's the dried covering of nutmeg seed). I like to use mace in place of fresh nutmeg if I think the nutmeg will overwhelm the flavors.



Looks good, Rick!

This is one of those projects that is on my 'short list.'



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Love some good lebanon bologna! I use that buttermilk in my cole slaw! 


Scarbelly, I found it at Walmart in the baking aisle.

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I got my temp and lights going at 85* This will start the fermenation process.





Going with smaller clear casings, i wanna see whats going on. And the clear will show me if i have to poke for air pockets.





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i will wait

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I'll be watching. popcorn.gif

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This is gonna be good, not as good as tasting it though!

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All stuffed up.





Ready to hang. Have the fridge unplugged and the heat controller maintaining 85*





In 48 hours i will hit these with smoke at 90*




I need larger wattage bulbs, these are 2, 40w appliance. Going to Lowes to get food warming bulbs 125w



I rubbed all the surface, cords, and outlets down with food grade sanitary wipes and air dried before i put the heat and bologna in.

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Tomorrow the SL gets some low heavy smoke. I can smell the brown sugar in the fridge.


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The 2 small 40 watt appliance bulbs were struggling to keep the 85* i need.

So i made another with a 125 watt heat lamp.


Right at 85* on the $$

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Looks great!


I have used that recipe and I like it.  Next time I will grind mine a little finer like you did.


Good luck and good smoking.

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Well i was going to put smoke to the SL with my MAK but i cant hold the temp at 90* It either wants to be 72-113* Cant have that.

So i have the PID running @89 in the 6 rack with heavy smoke being delivered via AMZNPS and apple smoke.



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4-5 fridge days should be enough.



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