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First Time ribs off the Yoder!

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Last night's supper was ribs off the Yoder. Each rack was done in a different flavor.

- Balsamic Whiskey Glaze with the Wee Willy's Whiskey Pepper - no sauce.

- Mustard base with Plowboys Bold rub, finished off with a Blue Hogs BBQ sauce.

- Mustard base and Cinnamon Chipotle rub, finished off with a Raspberry Chipotle sauce.


Here is a pic shortly after they were placed on the grates.





The ribs after a few hours in...





Here is a shot of a rack getting foiled...





Back on the grates after foiling.





Out of the Yoder and on pans...





Plated and ready for taste testing.





This was by far the best quality ribs I have done to date, I attribute this to the Yoder... it is a smoking/grilling machine. My wife has never been a huge fan of ribs and just eats them when I make them; with these ribs she actually liked them and wasn't eating them to be polite.


Prior to these ribs the chipotle combo was my personal favorite flavor for ribs, after last night that bare naked whiskey combo with no sauce is excellent, and my new favorite. Looks wise I wouldn't suggest them for a competition, but for home eating this will be done again and again!

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Great job Mossy! They look delicious!

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Congrats!  Those look great!!

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