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First time Tri-Tip

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Ok so my deer sticks kinda bombed and I decided I had to do something to redeem myself.. to myself  lol

I picked up a Tri-Tip the other day after looking at the posts and decided I would try one.

I also knew I had to start taking paying closer attention to the details and taking better notes. My wife thinks I'm cracked since i have to stop and take pictures after doing everything, and I still miss a few.




Anyhow, I rubbed the TT down with EVOO and used S&P, Onion salt and garlic powder. I believe I saw that very same recipe here this morning.





Once it was seasoned I placed it back in the fridge for a couple hours and ran to the store to get the rest of my ingredients.

My wife, who doesn't care for smoked anything, will probably not be impressed but I figured if I cooked dinner it may score brownie points at least.

I fired up my electric smoker and once it got to 200 degrees I fired up the AMNPS with some Pecan.

Once I put the meat in the smoker I decided to make some potato salad. (yes in Feb.)

Never made it before so I looked around until I found a recipe.

This recipe called for 1/4 cup dill pickle juice and 1/4 mustard with S&P. Then set aside until taters are cool enough to cut up. Then dump the mixture over the taters and put it in the fridge for a couple hours.


After they are cool mix together onions, Celery, clerey salt, salt, dill pickles, mayo, salad dressing and sourcream.

Add eggs after they are cooled as well.

Sorry, I don't remember if the recipe was off the net or if I got it in here.




After it's all mixed together:




I do remember reading a recipe in here this morning for Cheddar biscuits.

They sounded pretty good so I took a stab at those as well.


About 3 1/2 hrs later it hit 135 IT.

I DO so love medium rare!





Dinner is served!

Biscuit in the background.

Everything turned out pretty good.











Thanks for lookin!



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Excellent looking Qview there.
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Looks great! Did the wife try it and like it?

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Great job!


That looks like a super appetizer plate!


Good luck and good smoking.

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Looks delicious! Great looking plate!

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O Boy that looks good .nice job

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Looks good, I have just found a place around here that sells Tri-Tip so I might have to give that a try.


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It's only 8:30am and I'm craving me some MEAT! Great work on Dinner! Happy Smoking, Smokin - K

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Looking great man - Did your wife like it?

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Thanks everybody.

I have to give my wife credit because she did actually eat some but said she did not like it.

I'll have to eat the leftovers myself :)



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