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Congratulations TulsaJeff!!!

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As many of you know Jeff has been in the process of writing a book. It was supposed to be out last year but the publishing company delayed it.

I just read on his Facebook page that the book was sent to press and will be out this spring.

I know its been a long time in the making so Congrats Jeff.
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Congrats Jeff! Will you be signing them at the NFl gathering? biggrin.gif

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Congrats Jeff I know it's been a long trying process glad to here it's close to being released. Am I correct it can be pre-ordered now and where from?

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Congrats, Jeff!


Good luck and good smoking.

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Congrats Jeff

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Congrats, long time coming...JJ

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Congrats Jeff..............icon14.gif



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Can't wait to see it!

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Thanks Brian and everyone. I'm really excited to have if finally going to print. I don't think it will be available in time for the Florida gathering.. they are saying that it will be in stores and available as early as April 19th so I guess we'll just have to wait and see if that holds true.


You can wait and purchase it at your local Barnes and Noble, Books a Million, Borders, etc. or you can order/pre-order it from Amazon.com


It has been a long time waiting and while there are many good books about smoking meat on the market, I believe there is always room for one more. This is my first time going through the process, so It's been a huge learning experience. I will be doing a dozen or more book signings but I have not talked to the publicist yet so I have no idea where they will be held. The book is being marketed in the US as well as Canada and Australia so that sounds like a good thing to me. 


As I find out more, I will try to keep everyone posted. It's exciting, that's for sure!!


The name of the book, if you want to google it, is "Smoking Meat: The Essential Guide to Real Barbecue".





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Wow Congrats

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congratulation Jeff.

would love to be able to buy a sign copy of the book.

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Great news Jeff. I know it must be a big relief to get this moving forward. 

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Congrats Jeff, I definitely want a signed copy.


Looking forward to trying some of your secret recipes biggrin.gif

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Jeff I know it will be a hit.  congrats!

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Looking forward to it Jeff! congrats

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Congrats Jeff!

Put me down for a signed book as well if you can.


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Cant wait to get one!
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That's a great cover, I predict a NYT best seller sausage.gif

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That's impressive!  Congrats, Jeff.  One thing though........ I'm pretty sure that's a picture of MY ribs on the cover.  We need to talk.  rolleyes.gif

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