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Weekend Smoke - Pulled Pork with Q-View

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I got two pork butts from Sam's at about 17.5 lbs total.


Brined for 12 hours...




Then I rubbed them in mustard and dry rub.


Off to the smoker...temp set at 225 to start.


What a great day for smoking!




I love my stick burner! Burning oak and wild cherry.




Both pieces stalled at around 157-159 degrees.

This is at internal temperature of 161 and 167 right when I pulled them to wrap in foil.

Once foiled, I bumped the smoker temp up to 275 for the remainder.




Very juicy!




Pulled out of the smoker at 205 internal after 12 hours total cook time and then I wrapped them in towels and placed them in a cooler to rest for about an hour before pulling.

They just fell apart. Still very juicy and oh so tender.








On a bun with a little sauce....pure heaven!




With some mashed taters and gravy over the pulled pork...This was sooooo good!!!






Thanks for looking!!  icon_smile.gif

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Man oh man that looks good!

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Originally Posted by SDiver40 View Post

Man oh man that looks good!

    X2 drool.gif

    Tell us what's in your brine.

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Really impressive...........Make me hungry

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My goodness that looks good.

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Toxie, dang those butts look good. Awesome job!icon14.gif

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OK...You have awesome equipment!...You bang out some Pretty Pork!...Then you leave out all the DETAILS...What's up with that!?!...frown.gif...JJ

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NICE Q-VIEWS drool.gif

great looking smoker icon14.gif

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Looks great and I bet it tasted great. 

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Thanks Guys!


The brine mix I used is this.


Please note that this is for two butts, cut the recipe in half for only a single butt...


16 ounces or 3/4 cup molasses
24 ounces pickling or Kosher salt
4 quarts water


For the rub, I used Jeff's rub recipe.

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Great job on those butts and thanks for your brine recipe.


Your Qview was excellent 2thumbs.gif


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Nice job! The PP looks delicious!

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