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Fat Back

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Got 1/2 lb of pork fat back soaking to take the small amount of salt out before i make D#@  S#!$^*   


2 days of cold water soaking.


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Wait, what are you making? My tiny brain could only come up with something that I know  I am not allowed to post here.

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Some sort of salami that calls for large chunks (cut by hand) of white fat to be visible on the cut? Would larding needle be used?


I guess we have to wait till maestro tells us.



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Oh wow, he's at it again! Love it.

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I think he changed his mind on this recipe:




Was going to use the fat back and make some 70 day hard salami but with all my irons in the fire i decided to do some AC #116 sticks with a twist.


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Originally Posted by slownlow View Post

I think he changed his mind on this recipe:



Yeah i did change my mind. Had to use the 90/10 and the fat back i just tossed. I have more FB and this was going to be ground into some 70 day dried salami. Another day.


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