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First Time Smoking

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I got a WSM last week and fired it up for the first time yesterday. I smoked some baby back ribs for about two and a half hours and then finished it on the grill for about 20 minutes and basted it with sauce. They turned out great. I was really happy and surprised that the first thing I smoked turned out that well...



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They look good to me.  It usually take me about 6 hours for spares and 5 hours for baby backs.  Congrats on your success.

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Baby backs ...........MMMMMMM good. Looks great. Good job.........

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Those are some speedy ribs.  Usually takes twice as long.  Look great, though.  Congrats.

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Looks good.

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Nice looking ribs rookie. Lol. I think you will do just fine.
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Great Job!...JJ

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looks great !!!!drool.gif

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Pic looks great!


I agree it seems a little short on time?  How did you monitor your pit temps?


Good luck and good smoking.

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They sure look good! Your smoker temp must have been over 300 to get them done that fast.

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They look good to me nice color and they look moist love it.great job

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I kept my smoker at about 250. I based my time off how I used to do ribs before I got a smoker -- 250 in the oven for about 2 hours then finish on the grill. I would have liked more time, but hungry mouthes were waiting. I am deffinitely addicted now though. Goign to fire it up again this weekend and go for a different cut of meat.

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