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Stuffed pork Rub?

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Hoping someone could advise me on what i should rub on the outside of a pork tenderloin that i plan on stuffing today.  Thinking about stuffing it with some spinach, mushrooms, and probably some provolone cheese.  Just don't know what i should rub the meat with.  If i can not find anything i will probably just use some montreal steak seasoning because that is the only rub i have in the pantry.  thanks guys.

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You could try making something up from scratch or just use what you have on hand.

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Wrap it in bacon!

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If you're going for a semi-Italian feel, I'd add some garlic (either roasted or pan fried first) to that stuffing as well and a dash of red pepper flakes.    As for the seasoning, I would suggest, VOO, OP, GP, FCBP and fresh rosemary if you can find it, if not, dry rosemary will work.


Al's suggestion of bacon doesn't sound all that bad either!  biggrin.gif



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