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Bacon Wrapped Chicken Cordon Bleu

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Had a couple of huge chicken breasts thawed out, so decided on something different this time. Pounded them out flat and added a layer of Annaheim chile, a few slices of Swiss cheese, bunch of thin sliced ham and seasoned with some rosemary/garlic seasoning. Since I wanted to do these on the mini UDS, I rolled them up in lots of bacon and sprinkled some Mad Hunky rub on the top. Put them in at 250° using some cherry for a little smoke. After about 1 1/2 hours, kicked it up to 350° for another hour and a half. Sure came out tasty. This is something I will definitely be doing again.

 Had a pile of Jasmine rice with a drizzle of Yoshida's sauce too.

Thanks for checking out my chicken.

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Looks great!  Very nice job indeed.



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Bassman, morning..... That's it !!!!!.... another thread on Cordon Bleu that makes me hungry.....  Going for the breasts now.....   Dave

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That looks incredibly delicious Bassman! Nice job!

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