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Wow! 7lbs. is a lot! I think I trimmed maybe 2lbs off my 17lb brisket but that was leaving about a 1/4" on. You must have really skinned that baby!! :icon_eek:


Yeah, I took off about 98% of the fat. No reason to leave it on when cooking corned beef the way I do in the oven. That is, in a covered foil pan with about 1 qt. of beer for braising, until it hits 195°.

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Heck! I'm not going to lie, I like fat and for that reason I never trim my meats and always pick the meats with a good amount of fat. I never buy flats, always full packers.
I do score the fat caps on briskets and butts for good rub and smoke pinatation. I inject and foil pan at 160 to avoid the stall and because I like adding those juices back into the meat after resting it in a cooler wrapped in stretch wrap and heavy duty foil for several hours, then slicing. My briskets are always tender and juicy. As are my butts even before adding the juices. I think smoking meats is like most things in life there is more then one way to do everything and the way you like best is the right way. I like the tooth pick idea and will use it in addition to internal temp that may not always be trust worthy. And I obviously agree with with leaving the fat cap. I really want to smoke a brisket unwrapped but I love those juices and don't like the stall.

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Oh! And I have never found it to Make any real difference which rub I choose to use on huge hunks of meat such as a full packer brisket. My only preference in beef rubs is a low sugar rub. And I only use red oak when smoking beef. Just me and how I roll!

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This weekend will be my first attempt at brisket. Will be using this method
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Brisket was excellent 15 hrs Dinner for 10 people and they all loved it
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