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Leggs seasoning has arrived!

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Wooohooo! Bought a variety of Legg's seasoning from Columbia Spice the other day and it arrived today! Can't wait to try some new sausages! Now I just need to find some time......


The Tuscan sausage mix (in the clear bag) smells really good, even thru the bag!


I even bought some pizza flavored mix since NEPA sparked my interest. The rest is cajun, smoked sausage, snack stick, summer sausage, and bologna.



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Those should keep you busy for a while!





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AC is good mix.


Have fun with all that

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We'll be waiting.................icon14.gif



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I'm looking forward to seeing some great Qview. I'll be very interested in hearing how you like the Cajun mix. We have yet to find a Cajun mix that we are happy with for sticks or regular sausage. I haven't tried this brand so I'm anxious to hear how you like it.

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I'm looking forward to some q-view myself. I'll let ya know how the cajun comes out Ross.

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