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Pizza Pork Loin

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Picked up some pork loin this week for no other reason then it was on sale, I figured I'd make some sausage with some and the rest would be dinner.

Had a bunch of things in the frig so I figured what the heck I'd stuff it with pizza stuff.

Filleted the loin, then spread a nice layer of pizza sauce across it, added some sliced shrooms, pecorino romano cheese, onion, red bell pepper and fresh basil.  Some how I forgot the garlic th_dunno-1[1].gif and didn't have an mozzarella ...



Roller back up and tied it off..........good to go.




We had it for dinner and it was dang good, but really didn't taste like pizza, sure wish it had the mozzarella in it that would have helped.


Had some left overs for lunch the next day. Picked up some cheese before hand and warmed up a couple slices in a pan. added the mozzarella on top and stuck it in a burger bun. Damn good the next day. I'll definitely will be doing this one again






Thanks for checking out my pizza pork loin.


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Wow that sammie looks great!!!!

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Yes Sir, that's one awesome looking sammie!!!

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I'm hungery!

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I think you probably did better just putting the cheese on later.  That way you can really pile it on.   Cheese is kind of like bacon,   more cheese,  more cheese! 

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Now that looks awesome there Dan. I really like to stuff a loin myself. Your sammie however looks like it could hurt you after 2 -3 of them.

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Looks great. Have to add this to the "to-do-list"
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The loin Looks great Dan.................... Your tie up on the loin looks like your a butcher by trade..................icon14.gif



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Hmm pork loin pizza huh? I never would of though those two would go good together. Sure looks awesome though, and it sounds like it was. I will have to give that a try.

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Originally Posted by boykjo View Post

.................... Your tie up on the loin looks like your a butcher by trade..................icon14.gif



I second that. I wish I had those skills.

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That looks good! 

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Looks dang good. Maybe a little fennel seed and oregano would give it that pizza essence. Great tie job.

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Looks great Dan - I bet that was tasty 

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Looks great Dan
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