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60lbs of Venison turned into tastey greatness!

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  I had 60lbs of venison to grind so I gathered up what I needed. I was out of the spice packs I normally used so I went to Cabela's and bought boxed kits.

  I have a friend that has been wanting some ring bologna and I saw a kit that said "Old Fashioned Bologna" so I picked it up thinking it would be what he was wanting.  The kit included everything but the meat.  When I got it home I discovered it didn't have the "ring casings".
 I had a bag of snack stick seasoning so I decided to make 15lbs of that and 15lbs of the bolo, instead of putting 30lbs of good venison into bolo that I wasn't sure if we'd like or not.
 The meat didn't thaw like I thought it would so when we got ready to start grinding, we fought with a lot of meat that was mostly frozen.  This caused a major delay in my plan.  I did the snack sticks first and they came out great, but by the time I got them done, I had run out of time to get the bolo mixed and stuffed, much less start on the 30lbs of German.

  I ended up taking a day off from work on Monday to finish everything up.  I took my time getting started on Monday, all the meat was ground, all I had to do was mix and stuff then get it in the smoker, right?

  Once I finally got started, probably about 8:00, I knocked out the bolo and put it in the fridge.  I got everything cleaned up and got ready to start on the German.  Organization is definitely not one of my stronger suits!  I remembered I hadn't rinsed my casings yet!
  By the time I got the casings rinsed, ate a bite for lunch, it was almost 2:00 and I was ready to go.  I opened the box to remove the seasoning and cure from the kit and there were two packs of cure and one of seasoning!!mad.gif  Should've been just the opposite!  I had to shut my process down, and make a run to my normal supplier.  I spent a third of what the kit cost at Cabela's to buy what I needed and got back to the house to resume what at this point had turned into a major pain in the back side instead of a leisurely day of something I enjoy!


  Since I'd already rinsed and soaked the natural casings from the kit, I went ahead and used them.  I had one blowout after another and this project was about to get the best of me!


  I finally got it all stuffed and hung in the smoker.  The boxed instructions said to let it dry for an hour before applying smoke so I did that, although I'd never heard it before.


  By the time I got around to lighting the AMNPS, the torch wouldn't work!! It went out and I couldn't light it again.  It acted like it was clogged!  Luckily, it was a cold day in Texas and I'd had the fireplace burning all day.  I got a coal from there and set it in the AMNPS to light the pellets.

  After all the fun I had trying to get this batch made, it actually turned out pretty good, except for the shrinkage.  I'm guessing it was fat out, I was also having issues with the thermo on the smoker.  I guess my next purchase will need to be a dual probe thermometer.

 Here are a couple of picks, minus the snack sticks.


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I've had days like this myself, your grand master plan gets side tracked and ends up being one thing after another biting you in the ass, I have to admit I LOL when I read about the blowouts, I tried sheep casings with a not quite small enough tube and my god, talk about a circus, wife wouldnt even come in the basement unless I asked her cuz of all the steam coming out of the room I was trying to stuff in, haha  somehow reading stuff on here and formulating a plan in your head for your next sausage event is so much easier than pulling it off at home, but the end result is still worth it!

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Results look great, good thing that is what you get to dwell on now. Yum!
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Major pains and going wrongs here, but in the end that is some good lookin sausage!

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Based on the photos you made a great recovery despite all the set backs. Looks like some fine wurst!

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