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MMMMMMMM....mmmmmmmm!!! Cheese balls are a commin!!

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I got some more cheese in the smoker and being flavored with the AMNPS as we speak!

Some mozz...some provolone...some american....and lots of cream cheese!! I did some a while back and it turned out AMAZING!!!!

Mrs SOB and i made a cheese ball out of it last time and WOW was it good! So in preperation for my

40th birthday/Wrestle-mania party april 1st we are smoking some up for more cheese balls!

Take a Look!


Here is 14 blocks of 1/3 fat philly cream cheese ready for an A-MAZE-N trip!



The you know what- doing its thing!!




I'll update with some pics later when its all done.




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Looking forward to it Mark.

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Looks good...gotta try the cream cheese.

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How melted does the cream cheese get?

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Thanks Guys!  The cheese doesnt melt at all. Smoker box temp never got over 56*.

Thats what makes the A-MAZE-N smoker line such a great buy. It makes cold smoking ssssoooooo simple!!








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Dang , that looks good Mark. I gotta try the Cream Cheese , I'm a CC nut!!!!! Well ,really , I'm just a Cheese nut , and that's terrible for me , Dairy causes my Stones frown.gif , so I guess I'll be having them again someday , icon_wink.gif.


Oh , well , Cheese is too good to give up

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Looking good I need to try the cream cheese soon- and I agree the AMNPS is "amazing" !  

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MMMMM ____jamy!

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If you can find it ,Red pepper jelly mixed with the cream cheese is awesome , or dried beef mixed in ,or crushed pecans ,or prosciutto,

or ,if your like some of my friends ,they just use a fork :)

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