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Hi rxak 1031  what heat soars are you using , or do you lite, sawdust, sorry for these simple questions

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Hi fielies,


I use mesquite chips in a cast iron skillet, sometimes I soak them in water sometimes I dont.

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when i hot  smoke sausage , the skin become tough , making it difficult to eat, what am i doing wrong ?


should i rather cold smoke, can i cold smoke with a wood smoker ?

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When I smoke sausage I start at 120 F for one hour, then I bump it up to 135 F for another hour, then to 165 F until internal temperature reaches 155 F.  I have always done it this way and have no problem with the casing.

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You can cold with a wood smoker but it would be difficult to obtain the smoke, since your temperature is not that high.

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Welcome, nice looking smoker, and the sausage looks delicious!  Good luck, send more Q-view.texas.gif


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That's why an amazin smoker is so great. You can cold smoke when it's 40ºF out.

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Well aboard from North Texas. Nice looking sausage and smoker as well. "UP IN SMOKE"

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Welcome to SMF its nice to have ya.. There is lots to learn  and great people to learn from.. Have fun and Happy smoking..

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