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I'm so excited; look at what I picked up today!!!!!!!

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Ok, fellow SMF members,  I have wanted a new smoker for a while now51.gif... my smoker is starting to get a little rust and I just don’t what it to fall apart on me one day when I go out to light it one day. So I have been saving some bucks for a while now for a new build….Not easy with two teenage kids in my pocket though102.gif. A buddy of mine, who understands my struggles, gave me a call last week that has access to scrap stuff. He said that he had several ice binds that were 2x4x 5ft tall stainless steel lined inside and out and was willing help get me started on a build77.gif. So I was excited that I may have a start of a new smoker. I had been kicking the ideal around and tried to figure out how to get the foam out of them without totally destroying themicon14.gif. Well he called me back Monday and said that he had something that I needed to come by and look at ASAP…So this morning, I was really surprise when I arrived at his shop to see that he had a real stainless steel smoker yahoo.gif(see pictures). But he said that their was one small problem with it, it was in a real fire!!!! Not just the one that burns in the fire box…. The controls are in the top of this machine, so needless to say all of the controls are crispy and not worth anything….Everything was melted and just a ball of plastic so I have no ideal were anything went or goes. But the box is stainless steel inside and out and as the pictures show with a little more cleaning, ready to go….I was so excited to get it I haven’t had time to really consider how to fix it. So I started looking on-line for more information on the schematics or operating instructions with no luck so far. So I decided to ask and see if anyone of you may know were I can find some more information or have any ideals on how to go about getting it into usable condition…..Really what I want is some ideals on if you were in my position what would you do with it…. My smoker right now is propane fired with a wood chip pan. I love the control that I have with the propane to control temperature, but I’ve never been exposed to any other way of smoking. So I come to you’ll for advice….would you go with a straight wood smoker? Or go back to what I know and propane fired with a chip pan? Or I even have a new ideal and take it back to original (which I know will not be cheap)? I know I kind of got long winded with this post, but I’m so excited, I don’t think I will sleep tonight….ROFLOL... It is a Willingham's World Champion BBM 1435 BBQ Pitmaster, so if you know were I can fine the schematics I would really appreciate it, but if not what's your thoughts on how to fix it????   BTW, I do have the front cover I just took it off to remove all of the melted controls and clean it up..... Thanks ShoneyBoysausage.gifDSCN5356.JPGDSCN5357.JPGDSCN5333.JPGDSCN5334.JPGDSCN5349.JPG

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Check out Pop's Propane Burner...Might work for you as well...JJ

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You might try a restaurant supply the repairs commercial cooking equipment. I'm sure there is one in your area. 

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Shoneyboy, morning...  I did  a bunch of reading on it...  Looks like it is a "w'ham turbo smoker" designed by Willingham himself... From what I read there are only a few in existence.... they were custom made and it looks like a lot of folks copied the primary design and using mass production put him out of business..... That being said, look at all the championships, Grand championships etc that was won using the smoker....   I think it is a pretty darn good design... copied but not duplicated....  

It would make a great addition to anyones arsenal who loves to smoke..... let alone the history.....  I would check all the electrical parts for numbers, wattage, amp draw, RPM, temp range, manufacturer, etc. and look for replacement parts..... The wiring hopefully is exposed in exterior run conduit. If not, it should be easily replaced by attaching a pullling cable to the old wire, before pulling, to facilitate pulling new wire.... 

Look for replacement parts, as time and money allows, and you will have a piece of histoy that can't be duplicated... Just my thoughts... I love old stuff... and you have a gem.... Dave

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Nice Score............icon14.gif



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Man, what I nice find ! I think you hit the jackpot on this. I would lean towards bringing it back to original. There should be enough information out there on the net to ressurect your smoker. That being said, you could also just add your own elemnt ,thermostat and controls and  have it up and running pretty quick. You have a good friend if he found this for ya. Keep us posted on the progress.




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Shoneyboy, You might contact them and see if they know anything about your smoker......  Keep us posted on your progress.....  This sounds like a fun project...  Dave





Contact Us











Our local telephone number is: 901-767-9426
or 1-800-737-WHAM you can call or fax us at: 901-767-6759

Our current email address is


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Great score! Can't wait to see how this turns out.

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Looks like a great score!

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I would be excited also...nice score...I have been excited once this week so thats enough for me.

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wow it will a great project

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Nice score.



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Man that is going to be fun 

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Wow. Should be fun restoring it!

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I called the Willingham company this morning and they put me in touch with Mr. Willingham himself, he said that there are no schematics for this equipment that he knows of. It was a specialty built item for a restaurant. He did give me some pointers on where to find some of the parts that were used in the original build and a couple names of some people that have been working on restoring them in the past. He did say that if I was on a budget, to just cut a hole in the side of it, add a fire box on the side of it….and get to cooking… So!?!? I’m still cleaning and taking stuff apart and putting stuff back together right now. I will have to give it some more thought…..

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SB..... what ever happened to the W'HAM Turbo Smoker ?????
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Did you find out where to get the parts ?
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Yes I did, I left you a voice mail, give me a call when you have time.....SB

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If you need anything or have any questions about the cooker. Just let me know. Willinghams and the cookers are still active with our products and competiting.

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