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Temp readings ??? Gas Smoky Mountan Series

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So everyone says the thermo on most are inacurate. Whats the best method of figuring the temp?


Did a pork butt a few weeks ago, and although it turned out awesome it took a bit longer than expected.


Getting ready to do some spare ribs tomorrow and thought I'd run a pan of water to see what temp it reaches. The door unit thermo at 250, water temp is 160 (checking with a digital thermo).....doesnt want to get any hotter it seems.


What about a potato? Think that might help? Should I just buy a therm I can put on the rack along with whatever I'm cooking?


Just trying to get a handle on actual temp vs. what the manufacturers thermo says.

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I have a GOSM that seems to have an accurate thermometer - just lucky I guess.  What I did was get it going, put in the water pan without any water as basically a heat deflector.  I then put the temp probe in through the top vent and just let it dangle in the smoking chamber, making sure it didn't touch anything.  I used a clothes pin on the wire to hold the probe in suspension.  I waited a few minutes for it to come up to temp then adjusted the flame to raise and lower the temperature inside the chamber.  I compared the reading on the digital with the reading on the door thermometer and they tracked very close together showing a variation of only a couple of degrees.  Close enough for me.


Try the dangle method and see where your's door thermo reads.


Good luck,



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I like Andy's idea. much easier then taking the thermometer out and checking in boiling water, or in the oven. 

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Thanks Big Andy A...........Good plan !  Turns out it's pretty darn close. Now I can sit back n relax while the ribs smoke. If I remember to take some pics I'll get some posted in the next few days as this is the first run on ribs / second run total.......Best Christmas present yet.

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