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Beef Shins Anyone?

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Hi all - Every year I get a side of beef from the local farm. I've got about 25 lbs of meaty beef shins that look like the one below.  I intend to use all of the bones and some of the meat to make a big batch of stock but I figure there's got to be something I can do with some of the meat.


From what I've read the shin meat is very tough like chuck roast or brisket so I was thinking maybe I could throw it on the smoker.  Anyone tried this before?


beef shin

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Jeff, afternoon.... Shanks are really flavorfull.... A delicasy to some... me included... Brown in a DO or similar vessel, I add beer for the braising liquid, add carrots, onions, garlic, spuds, celery, parsnips, etc, and slow cook for a few hours until the meat is tender...  You could smoke the shanks before you brown them.  The bone marrow is awesome.... that is the best part... It also adds flavor to the "stew"....


Brown up 3 or 4 and give it a try...  Dave

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Since smoking is similar to braising I'd bet they would be delicious smoked as well. Ossobuco is a popular dish made with veal shanks similar to what Dave mentioned, and I can't imagine why beef shanks couldn't be used as well.

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I have never smoked any, but have used them in stews and such, and they do have alot of flavor. 

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They are Great...Give them a couple of hours of Smoke then Brown them real well in the DO and add Veggies, couple sprigs of Thyme and a Bay leaf add some Beef Broth and Wine,cover then Braise as Dave suggests...Plan on 3-4 hours on a Medium Low Stove or 300-325* oven...JJ

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Oh's beautiful! Do what the others have suggested.

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