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Looking for a sauce recipe

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  I have tried to find a certain recipe for a long time with no luck and thought I might ask here since there are so many foodies on this forum.

 I used to love to eat a dish at Applebee's called "Pepper-char Steak". It was a chunk of sirloin and it was served with a kind of brownish-grey colored  sauce on the side that was very peppery tasting. I just loved that sauce.

 They no longer have this item on their menu, not for years now. Does anyone know the sauce I'm talking about and does anyone know the recipe?

 I've tried many different recipes I found on the internet, but none even came close.




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Chuck, morning.... You piqued my interests with your question... I love a good peppercorn steak, and peppers in general...

So I had to look up stuff on pepper sauces....  This recipe from Alton looks like it might fit the color description and it sounds awesome to me... I'm filing it for my recipe collection....

This might be a choice if you can't find exactly what you are looking for...   Dave

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That would have been my guess as well. Googling "Steak au poivre" should get you quite a few others from which to choose. Good luck!

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 Thanks for responding guys. I saw that episode of "Good Eats". I tried that sauce and it was nothing close. I even bought a bottle of brandy just for it.  I was just hoping maybe one of the bunch had eaten this meal before since it is a national restaurant chain, and perhaps had an idea of how it was made or better yet, maybe knew someone who used to cook for an Applebee's restaurant and knew the recipe. 

 I have done lots of searching in the past and will keep on trying.




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My son use to work for Applebee's in the kitchen so I asked him. He said alot of there sauces came in packages and were just heated. He does not recall this dish so it must have been before he worked there. 

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Maybe this one?


There's two sauces there, the other one is a copy cat honey pepper sauce from Applebees.

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  Thanks so much for the effort, guys. I would bet anything it was a packaged sauce because I asked them once if I could buy some of it. They told me that they make it each day and it was nearly gone for that day. If it was a pan sauce it would have been made with the steak.

 There was not even a hint of tomato in this sauce and there was no noticeable sweetening. I tried several peppercorn sauces, most with cream and they just aren't close. Searching for au poivre recently I found one calling for stock that I will try next time I pan sear some beef.




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What are the sauces lacking?

I only ask because, without knowing what they lack it's hard to reverse engineer the flavors you are looking for

Tangy? ...Try some red wine, or marmalade

Savory?...try some Saki, ginger etc...

Lacking robust-ness...Try small amounts of Cumin,Oregano,basil

Just a few suggestions

I really enjoy reverse engineering foods

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 Spec, sorry for delay, I just saw your post. Honestly, it's been so long since I had this that it's hard to say. It was fairly thick, tasted like a very peppery pan drippings is about the best I could describe it. I was just hoping maybe someone may have liked the same meal. My friend always ordered the "Bourbon Street" steak, which I didn't really care much for, and I ordered the "Pepperchar" or "Pepper-char" steak. This sauce was served on the side with the "Pepper-char" steak. I don't remember the steak itself being that peppery, not as much as the sauce.

 Most of the sauce recipes I've found online call for cream or half and half. I don't think this had any. I've made several to try including Alton Brown's. It's just not even similar.

 Thanks for looking.




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No problem

If it was a lighter colored gravy it may have been a RUE based gravy over a cream/milk base

Rue is simple to make but easy to mess up   Classic Rue is 50/50 mix of flour and butter ( I love gravies)..

.So in a soup / sauce pan I start with 1/4 cup of butter in a pan  melt it mix in the flour slowly over medium heat until smooth and bubbly... about 5 minutes If undercooked it will taste Floury...If you burn it you'll know...It will darken considerably...  Do this while your meat is resting

De glaze your meat pan...I like a Gravy with kick...So I add fresh cracked pepper/garlic/onion, a pinch of oregano/Basil/parsley... (coarse ground)  to the meat pan...crank up the the heat... When the goodies in the pan are sizzling...almost  smoking Add your choice of wine, brandy , water, My favorite is 2/3 SAKI 1/3 water

mix about a cup MINIMUM...Stirring and getting ALL the crunchy's off the bottom of the pan..When you got all the Crunchy's loose turn down the heat  and transfer to your Rue pan slowly while stirring constantly with the pan on low to medium Bring to a light boil...I tend to put the coal to it... It needs to come to a light boil to thicken Then simmer a couple of minutes...If it's not thick enough  you have 2 choices... make more rue in a separate pan large enough to hold the gravy mix or to add a cornstarch mixture...I cheat and do the latter Just follow the instructions on the box...It won't take much just a table spoon or so

I didn't give you any specific measurements, Cuz I'm not sure what your tastes are... I only meant this as a guide to get you in the right direction

Hope it helped..It's old school

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 Thanks for the info, spec. For some reason I'm not getting notice when this thread has been updated. Maybe my settings are messed up.

I can make a rue, I'm a gumbo nut. I'll play with your ideas eventually.




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