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Drum smoker. two stacked

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I am looking at building a drum smoker by stacking two drums on top of each other. I like to stand it up and put the fire box inside on the bottom for now. The drums are 55 gal. Racks and a places to hang meat for smoking. There will be door on the top and bottom with one for the fire box. That what the plans are for now and they may be altered to work. FIRST TIME BUILDING ONE. I have a few questions to know what I need to do, just want to do it one time. 


1. What size vent I need for air flow?

2. What size fire box I need?

3. Can the meat be put close together when smoking?

4. And anything I may need to know?


  Thanks: Glyn

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Are you basically just going to make a double stacked UDS where the two barrels are stacked on top of each other and welded together and the bottom barrel will be for your fire and your top drum will be for your meat?


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I will put a lip on the bottom drum to a line the top one and use bolts to hold them together. That way I can move them around like I need to. Fire box in the bottom with some racks on the bottom, I hope. If I have to add a fire box to the side. Just trying to learn what I need to do.. 

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I wouldn't think you would need to add a fire box to the side I would just put a fire basket in the bottom of the drum and maybe a heat deflector and then put two racks on the bottom drum then put as many racks as you feel you need in the top drum. You should be able to regulate the temps just fine with a ball valve like you would on a UDS. I personally have (4) 1" intakes with three of them having caps on them and the fourth has my ball valve. I know I've seen a build like this already but I can't seem to find it. If someone can find that build you could probably get some more idea's from them.

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That what my plans are for now. just keep it simple.

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I would suggest putting some shelving style brackets/clips in your top drum so that you can adjust the height of the racks whenever you want.

This is what I am talking about

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I like that, One size fits all. I just make something to bolt on and don't have to weld anything inside.

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