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Cheery smoked trout Q view

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My daughter has been asking me, when is the next time we were going to go fishing.since I was on vacation and my wife had Sunday off, we decide to take our kids fishing.I wold post some pic of us fishing but we for got to charge our daughter and son caught 3 fish each my son who is 2 years old caught the biggest one mostly by his self






After we left the lake, we stop by lows and pick up some cherry wood we stopped by the store and bought some lemon and dill.I started cleaning and removing the scales about 5 pm.this it my first time cooking fish this way, I've seen it done this way and i wanted to try it.In the cavity of the fish, I placed two slices of butter and two slices of lemon and a few things of dill.I placed the fish on a piece of foil sprayed with cooking oil.











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That looks good and wow you have some very good young fishing partners

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I think it is important to take young children fishing and the out doors,so they can appreciate nature

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Thats great !! and those trout look the best !! When I lived in Ar. I would smoke Trout althe time...

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