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Round Two Pastrami

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Ok Guys,, Bare with me. My Son just called and said he ships out to Afghanistan in about a hour so I am  a little pre-occupied..

 I have a brisket flat that a de-fatted and put in a bag with TQ wet brine with pickling spices coriander and CBP.. How long do I leave it in the frige for? For Strami...

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I think the formula is 1 day for every 1/2 " thickness of the meat in the thickest spot.

 I always add a couple of days for good measure. Make sure and do a fry test to check for saltiness.

Our prayers and thanks go with your son!


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Many thanks for your sons service and may God protect him and there be a speedy end to this war...JJ

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I let mine cure 10 days. Good luck to your boy. We thank him. smilie_flagge13.gif

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Thanks Guys,


 So can I leave it in too long?? Does it have a minuman  but not amaximun? 

 Thanks for the Well wishes for my Son, I will Pass along all the Thanks if he gets to Call. Last I heard from him was last night, so I dont know if he shipped out already or not. Which adds to the level of frustration. The "Not knowing"

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God speed and many thanks to your son and the rest of the family as well. I was married to military and had a son who served as well. Man oh man I remember those calls. 

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Can't answer your pastrami question, but I wanted to say thank you to your son for his service and I pray for all the men and women of our armed services. They are truly heroes. 

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A big thanks to your son!  A big thanks to you, because for every vet who serves, there is also a whole family who serves!


A little too long is better than too little, especially if your fridge runs cold.  Within reason, I will always err on the side of longer rather than shorter.


May God bless the few who still choose to stand up for us!


Good luck and good smoking.

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I cure for 8 days.  Hope your son gets home soon.  He's a true hero!

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I use Pops brine & cure for 10-14 days depending on the size of the brisket. 

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