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1st Smoke on Wings and Help Brew a Pale Ale

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1ST Smoke on Wings.


I have a Master Forge Charcoal Smoker and have done some modifications that I have read about.  First I have a clay ring between the bottom of smoker and charcoal pan and have a grill from my small smokey joe weber in the charcoal pan.  This was all done for better air flow for the coals.  I utilized the Minion method for starting my coals and placed my apple would right on top of the cold coals.  To prepare the wings the night before I brined them in some salt, sugar and hot sauce for 3 hours and then rubbed them with a fairly basic rib rub.  Wrapped them up over night and then smoked them for about two and half to three hours.  I kept the temp around 225 to 250 and had 1/2 cup of water in the water pan.  I didn't turn them and the end result was awesome and everyone enjoyed them. They where crispy enough that I didn't need to finish them on the grill at all and where still moist and falling of the bone.  Also no sauce was needed. Oh by the way the Pale Ale will be done in about 4 weeks.  Comments and suggestions are welcomed.



Wings done                                                

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Ya I would say they LOOK crispy. Lol  th_violent5.gif

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They do look crispy and good! 

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Amateur , welcome1.gif to the SMF and the best outdoor cooking Forum on the Neticon_exclaim.gif  


Hold on to your Bloomers , You are entering a World of definitely Addictive potential. We here at Smoke Central are poised to answer any question you may feel is pertinent to your activity ; OR just sit back and chew the fat and discuss life in general.


We're all (mostly) friendly and do not hesitate to offer helpful information...Soooo...


Have fun and...

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The wings look perfect! Great job!

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