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Some Shiitake Mushroom Info

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Here's a couple places to get some information on how to grow shiitake mushrooms it really is fairly easy to do.


I have a few logs going now and hope to do some more in the next couple months. Hopefully if they aren't producing at the time of the Gathering I can force them the week before and have some producing for the people to try.

A couple things to remember are that the log has to be fresh cut and be a hard wood tree of a suitable variety. The logs once inoculated to be kept in the shade and need to be moistened once in awhile when it's dry out. As I have found out you can keep them too moist to produce as well.

If you want more info PM me I have more links that I would rather not post on the site. I'll also try to get some pics of mine in the next few days and post them

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Wow, sounds great!  Thank you, sir!

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Jerry - what is your thought on food grade peroxide in the cultivation of mushrooms


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Wow Jerry you are always up to some new awesome project!!! Keep us posted on this one...i have some oak and maple on the property just crying for this type of project. Beer.gif

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