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This is very good.

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I have done a few smokes but these turkey breasts are off the chart as flavor goes. By far the best tasting meat that we have ever had no matter of the cooking method. Thanks in the most part to SmokinAl and the others that have helped me. This is a bone in Honeysuckle White 8 # breast. Brined overnight in Slaughterhouse brine. Injected with a 50/50 mix of  butter and chicken broth. Rubbed with  Simply Marvelous Sweet Seduction

turkey feb12.JPG

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Looks good, would love a picture of it sliced so I could then drool


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I am picture challenged. I'll give it another go.sliced.JPG

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drool.gif Looks wonderful you did an excellent job on it.

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Awesome......SmokinAl knows his birds........icon14.gif



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WOW! Awesome! That has to be the juiciest turkey breast I have ever seen! Great job!

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That one good looking bird icon14.gif
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Thats Awesome!!!!Great job,,,,,,,,,,

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OMG!  That looks amazing.  drool.gif

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