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New Addition for the Kitchen

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Big boss at work threw this in the goodwill pile at work. I have been looking for exactly something like this to put my new dehydrator on. Had to narrow the top 1 7/16 on each side to fit.




While I was at my buddy's house trimming he said the top looked like crap, which it did, so we tuned it up.




I can't believe this thing found me. It's perfect. Man I love free stuff.



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WOW Thats a great find right there.. Real Nice icon14.gif

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Sometimes good things find good people. enjoy it it looks great .

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Great stroke of business....Looks-Great.gif

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Nice find and ya can't beat the price. The cart Looks-Great.gif

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Looks like it found a great new home 

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The wife added a few things.





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Cool beans.

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Congrats it looks good and you can't beat the price

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WOW, talk about a perfect fit!!

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That's such a great find! I've been looking for something like that for a while too.

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And on wheels yet!




Good luck and good smoking.

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Wow! That looks great there. What oil did you use on the top?

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Now that's a great find! Looks good too!

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Boos Cutting board oil.

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Mineral oil is king. Choose your oil on the allergies people have in your home, don't forget about your guests.

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