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Vintage ebook - Home Pork Making (1900)

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I thought this might be of interest to those interested in food history. It's in the public domain and free for download.

Home pork making; a complete guide ... in all that pertains to hog slaughtering, curing, preserving, and storing pork product--from scalding vat to kitchen table and dining room (1900) - A. W. Fulton
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Thanks,  I'm going to download it when I get to a faster connection.

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Thanks this is great .it will be a problem finding some ingredients here in south Africa but we will find a replacement

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thanks , just downloaded it

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Cool thanks. I DL it but at 152 pages its another i will not be printing out

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Awesome, it comes in .epub. Thanks for the link!439.gif


Also, fellow Chesterfield resident here. I live back by Pocahontas State Park. Great to see someone from my area!

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Downloaded. Thanks and welcome1.gif

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Thanks for the link.  It's been downloaded.

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I love reading old books like this one and compare recipes & techniques to today's.

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Thank you i just download and cant wait to read


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