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my first attemp at pork steaks

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three thick cut pork steaks, bone in.

pork steak prep.JPG


sorry about being a little blurry . .

on the left . .

washed and rubbed with brown sugar and Chipotle

in the middle . .

rubbed with sesame seed oil and lightly peppered with fresh ground gourmay pepper corns

on the right . . .  

marinaded 6 hours in one part apple juice, two parts water, fresh ground sea salt and gourmay pepper


pork steaks done.JPG


In MES for 2 hours at 250 degrees with cherry chips added when MES was at temp, and again at 30 minutes. Apple Juice, Apple Cider and water in tray.


the right one was dryer then the other two, not sure way, maybe because of salt?


all three had great taste.


I welcome any advice


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I love some pork steak.  Not sure why one piece of meat acts differently than another except to say that each one is just a little bit different.  It may very well have been salt... and then again it may be just that piece of pork.  They look great!

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They all Looks-Great.gif too me

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Looks good icon14.gif
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They sure look good from here!

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Excellent looking gourmet meal!

Yes, your marinade of 6 hours with added salt will pull the moisture from the cells and did not infuse back into it any sugars, such as in the case of hams, making it drier.  Next time add an equal amount of sugar/brown sugar as there is salt and lengthen the time to overnight see if it alleviates it.  You won't have a ham flavor unless you add curing salt #1 to the marinade (which you can do, also!   The amount would depend on the amount of liquid you are using.)

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if the right one was on the right side of your MES that is a common "hot" spot, and that is probably why it is more dry, some guys lay a piece of sheet metal in the back right corner to help disperse the heat there some

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What Big Casino said.... That would be my guess.... Dave

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