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I love making Pancetta!  This is the 5th one of these I have made (I use the recipe from Charcuterie by Michael Ruhlman). And it turns out AWESOME!!  I purchased the whole hog from a local farmer. The bellies look good, nice and thick and not overly fatty.




I am using the belly closest to camera for the pancetta. The other 2 halfs are going to be used for smoked bacon.


pancetta ing,.jpg


Toughest part is finding the Juniper Berries.


rubbed pancetta.jpg


Rubbed and ready!!  I will see you daily (Mrs. belly) for the next week or so, to turn and rub ya!!


I will update you with more pics when I rinse, roll and tie it!!




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Sounds like a great start!

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Sound good i will wait

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