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Damper Question

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Hey Guys! I have an old Oklahoma Joe that I bought recently. The guy before me tried to add a vertical box to the side, but messed up and decided to get rid of it. He used one of the old thick Hot Water Tanks and tried to just cut a door out. Well, as you can imagine, the first fire made the door curl and it wouldn't seal correctly (Roughly a 2 inch gap in the middle). I had a buddy of mine weld a new door on as well as shelves for racks (The bolts you will see below will come out. I can't find the right diameter rack so they are there to keep the smaller size from falling down) Pics below of before and after. My question is, do I need to add a damper low on the vertical box to help control heat? 





Old Vertical Box Door with 2 inch gap in the middle.


New Door...


New Racks...


Rack Ledges. The bolts are only there until I can get some racks that are the correct size.

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I am just now seeing this. My thinking is a damper couldn't hurt, and may improve your temps in the lower unit. You could try a temporary damper and see how that works out. 

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You could make the main cooker into a reverse flow and damper the verticle box into a warmer type box with a damper on top...  Lots of work but ???



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@sprky, where would you propose I place the damper?


@DaveOmak, I wish I could, but my wife would kill me if I put any more money into this. She wants to spend all of our money on decor for our new house. Crazy isn't it? I told her the new grill would look great in our sitting area!

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