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Hey uds Fans!

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Hey guys and gals,


Just found this group in the forum and feel proud to be here. yahoo.gif


Any how I started a thread about my build and at first received quite a few responses. I have updated it as I have been progressing  and now I am getting no response to by questions,( except for Razor..thanks Man)  for my video updates.


Am I just Beating_A_Dead_Horse_by_livius.gif by putting these up? Or should I start a new thread  when I update my progress?


Please advise the best way to proceed.


Thank you all,



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 Hey, PaPagrizz, Not real sure what is wrong. Maybe you confused them with all the math : ) It took me a minute to figure out how you could expect to get 38" pieces out of 24x24 stock . LOL

 Seriously, your post may have gotten overlooked because it was no longer at the top of the list when people sign in.

If you post again it will "bump" it to the top.

 I read every post that seems interesting to me and I like "builds" of all kinds. I can't speak for anyone else but I have "dial-up" internet, so videos are of no use to me. Neither are hi-rez pictures.

 I will follow your build as best I can. I suppose the original thread would be the way to go. Maybe a Mod. will jump in with some advise about what to do when you get no response . If not maybe you should PM one of them for some information on the subject. 

 I have never built an UDS so I am not in a position of experience.

 Keep on keeping on.





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Hey smoking brother! Sorry I have not been here much lately! I'm back now, if you need any advice just shoot me a message and I will get back to you! Great to see you joined the club. Good Luck! Jeff

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Thanks much for the replies fellers,


I think I have a grip on this thing now...


I am seasoning the UDS as I type.


Stated it using the minion method by putting about 10 lbs of charcoal around a juice can and then dumped about 10 briquettes in the center.


I had all intakes ( 4 of them) open and it jumped to about 400 degrees in about 2 minuets. Just every thing down except the ball valve

and that brought it back down pretty quick..


Just checked the temp and after an hour with the valve opened about half way temp dropped to 200.  I reckon it will take me a while to learn how to dial this in, but what the's too cold to go fishin'..


Sorry to hear you are on dial up stovebolt, I have DSL but if I lived another 50 yards up the Mountain I'd be in the same boat.


My ISP is ran by an overweight possum in a wheel, slow but better than nothing...


Any who, tomorrow I am going to attempt to do a fattie or two to break it in..grilling_smilie.gif


Thanks again's to ya beercheer.gif




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How is that UDS smoking Papa Grizz? Bet it's making some mighty fine food!

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Hey jalan43,


Thanks for the reply.


To answer your question, YES! The uds is one of the best smokers I have ever owned.


I am doing a 5 pound spare rib as I type ( First time trying this) and will put up a video, good, bad or ugly, when it's done.


I will be building a smoke house in the near future for bacon, ham, and sausage.


Looking at your list, it seems you have a lot of knowledge of sausage making and if you don't mind I will be picking your brain when I get my equipment..sausage.gif


Tausend Dank,






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If I can do anything to help,just let me know, Jeff

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Originally Posted by jalan43 View Post

If I can do anything to help,just let me know, Jeff

Thanks Jeff, I really appreciate it!


Al (PaPaGrizz)



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