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My Very Hammy Ham and Beans with LOTS of Q-VIEW.

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I had some left over ham I needed to use up before it went bad. So I decided to make some ham and beans. I asked for some advice on using dry beans, and they requested I post it up so Here it is.  I Thought I had pics of every thing I was putting in them, but some dummy forgot to put in the memory cardicon_redface.gif.  All is not lost just the prep pics, as I realized my mistake when I went to up load them to my computer.


Using the dry beans I got a much better flavor then when I use the caned, I WILL be using them again.


What went into these ham and beans was;

1# Pinto beans and 1# Great Northern Beans (soaked in cold water 8 hours brought to a boil then drained and rinsed)

Left over ham and bone along with all juices( approximately 6 cups Diced a 2 1/2 Qt bowl was about 1/2 full)

ham was re-smoked and glazed with packet that comes with it to which I added  1/4 cup brown sugar, 1tsp Chinese 5 spice, 1/2 tsp ground cloves

4 cups diced carrots

1 bunch celery diced tops and all

1 large red onion diced and 1 large yellow onion diced

1# turnips diced

1 head garlic chopped (12 cloves)

6-8 sprigs fresh thyme 

1 cup dark brown sugar (ham was a bit salty so I used 1 cup normally use 1/2, should have used 3/4)

4 tsp ground mustard

1 tsp Beau Monde Seasoning

1 tsp CBP



Every one in the pool 45 min into the cook

45 min.JPG


1 1/2 hours into cook time to cook uncovered to reduce

90 min.JPG


1 hour later ready to eat

all done.JPG


Corn bread ready to go in oven



Corn Bread fresh out of oven



My bowl

My Bowl.JPG


Bear View, Don't that look tasty. BOY were they good I ate 3 bowls. I am stuffed to the gillsth_anim_burp.gif

Bear View.JPG



So there ya have it my Hammy ham and beans hope ya all enjoyed checking this out as much as I did making and eating them.




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Not a big fan of the corn bread.  Guess I just don't have the real BBQ pedigree?


But dang!  I would get all over those beans!


Isn't it amazing what you do with ham ends, bacon ends, burnt ends and rib ends that other people might just throw away?


Pass me a big old plate of that, bud!


Good luck and good smoking.

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that looks and sounds really good, I think I'll get some bacon and ham out  of the freezer and do some up this weekend

Thank for sharing the Q-view


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I make a Ham Bone Soup similar to that with ham, beans, rice, barley, vegetables, macaroni, potatoes, and the killer... besides the beans... cabbage!  OMG it's good, but it will hurt ya too!

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looks like ya done did the gang like it and are ya going to have any left overs like ya planned?

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Looks like a awesome meal from here!!! I love to make bean soup with my leftover double smoked ham bones...the family enjoys it also.icon14.gif

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Yes Rob every one LOVED it. We have enough for another meal and maybe a lunch or 2.  Had I used all 4# of beans we would have been eating them for a week, and i'm not sure they would have fit in the Pot, along with every thing else......LOL

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O Yea now you talking....the cornbread looks perfect are you sure your not from Louisiana ????

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Ham & beans a classic combination.Traditions exist for a reason & will outlast a lot of that chefy tricky food. Great job.

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Man that is some grub!!!! I'll take the corn bread that venture doesn't want. Gotta have corn bread with beans. You just inspired me to take the ham bone and scraps out of the freezer that I had from a recent ham smoke. icon14.gif

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What a great looking meal! Nice job!

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You did good!...JJ

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Thanks guys I assure ya it was wonderful. I had a bowl for lunch and it tasted even better, just like my chili does always better the next day. since its also for dinner today it's gonna get mighty windy at my


I also agree ya gotta have the corn bred with beans

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looks aw sum.points.gif

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