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Canadian Bacon cure time?

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Hello everyone, I have learned alot from this site and have had alot of questions of mine answerd just by looking around. My question is can  over curing be bad for the meat I planned on next sunday for my smoke day according to dimensions and sunday is not working out to good for me so can i possibly leave it in the cure longer without it hurting or is there a definite cut-off for too much time? sorry for rambling. Next friday -Sat is when I was wanting to do it .Thanx in advance

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What type of curing are you utilizing, wet or dry?

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Don't mean to hijack this thread but I would be interested in an answer to both wet and dry



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For a dry cure method you will not go wrong with this:


I do my math a little different than shooter, but we end up at the same place.  For thinner cuts like this only, I use 2 days per inch of thickness as a minimum.  Then I add two or three days for safety as my fridge runs a little colder than ideal curing temps.


For the wet cure, I will let Pops guide you on his excellent method!


Good luck and good smoking.

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Just go to this link and follow the directions!  As far as the liquid goes, it shouldn't make a difference; problem with beer however is trying to get enough in the bucket and leaving it there... burp...!


We had done many brine mixes with different liquids playing around; beer, wine, apple juice, carrot juice, Hi-C Grape, V-8, etc. usually with either hocks or with chickens; which we usually had quite a few left over so we could, experiment, lol!  Dad's favorite was sauerkraut juice; mine was daiquiri's !  We usually got more pickled than the meat did... oh the memories, lol!

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Now I know why Pops liked working at his Dad's shop?


He was drinking out of the brine barrel!  yahoo.gif


Good luck and good smoking.

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