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Well Pineywoods are you ready for us?

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Just about 2 months out from the North Florida Gathering and I want to remind everyone just how hard Pineywoods is working to get ready for us!   uhh you are working to get ready right Piney?


If you have never been to the party you need to try and work it into your schedule.  You'll get a chance to meet some friends, learn a lot about smoking and just have a chance to kick back and enjoy the company of people that share a love of great smoked food.


Hope to see you all there.





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I wish we had something like that around here. Have fun everyone!

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I know I can't wait. biggrin.gif

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I have a few projects going Al not really anything for the Gathering yet tho. Hopefully lots of people are making plans to be here we have lots of room and you'll get to hang out with some really good people. We have camping space on site and if that's not your thing there are several Hotels in the area. If anybody needs any further info just send me a PM

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And you get to meet some of the ugly faces that you talk to on the site too.

Been to the last 2 and won't miss the one in April unless i'm dead or dying.

 Just wish i didn't have this ugly colored tent????

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