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I was watching Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives on the Food Channel last night.  They showed a Mexican restaurant in Chicago (I think) doing the meat cuts and mounting for the al pastor tacos.  You might be able to get the episode on the Internet or Netflix.


In looking at your spit, I doubt that you will be able to use direct drive in a vertical position; however you should be able to use belts, chains, or gears to drive a vertical shaft with the motor mounted separately.  I think the constant weight of the loaded shaft would burn the motor up too fast.  A small electric motor should have the torque to turn a vertical shaft but I don't think you should put the weight load on the bearings.



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Looks like a good project
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I am envisioning 2 or 3 electric oven elements mounted in your barrel with some mean of controlling the temperature. It would be nice to see the electric one you have pictured in action... to get a feel for the heat intensity.


Of course, If you chose to down size the roast to something smaller, you might be able to get by with less watts/Btus.


A gas or propane burner has the advantage of simplicity. Your retrofitted rotisary spit would probably do for occasional use.


That picture with the hunk o meat on the spit looks absolutely delicious. I can appreciate you wanting to recreate this dish. It looks like it would be righteously-good.

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I can assure you guys that tacos made this way are very, very good. It's funny, my wife is horrifed by "street meat", but I love it and have never had a problem. When in doubt, check out where the locals line up.

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Originally Posted by DaveOmak View Post

 but there are some who use a vertical cage filled with charcoal. Very simple, you just drop pieces into the top as needed, and scoop the ash from the bottom when necessary.


mneeley .... Holy COWABUNGA batman.... Now that is an idea worth remembering....  how do I store that memory in my CRS pea brain for later use.... 


Thanks for that cool idea....   Dave

Dave, I can't take credit for the idea. I was just facinated with how resourceful the Mexican locals were, to be able to set up something like this so quickly on a street cart. You know, other tourists are suntanning, shopping, etc. I'm checking out the local Q.  Plus, I'm kinda pale and don't lounge on the beach much. Puerto Vallarta is a surf & turf, bbq foodies paradise. You wouldn't believe how good the snapper and shrimp on a stick can be.

Sorry about the thread drift. Carry on.


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I see from Texmex that these are middle eastern in origin makes sense looking at them. Doner kebab here done by the Lebanese,Turks et al. Or yeeros if your greek. All gas fired .Good project. Like the sound of the pineapple. If I had a mechanical bone in my body I would make some suggestions on the build other than good luck.

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Still no progress. I've been tied up with other projects. My master forge rotisserie is garbage in the horizontal position so I doubt it would help in a vertical set up. It barely turns a 5lb chicken on a good day. Any ideas on a vertical motor or a set up using a belt or chain?

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I used a gear motor with sprockets and chain to drive the auger on my wood pellet feeder. The gear motor I used has a huge amount of torque. I think a rotisserie project would be a pretty straight forward do-it-yourself project.


These guys have some motors and parts priced very reasonably.  Make sure the motor you use is rated for continuous duty.


I used a motor similar to this one.

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Teez, go on Grainger's website, they have a 110 volt gear motor that turns 7 RPMs then use chain and sprocket to reduce it to 1 RPM. I used that set up on my rotisserie that turns

400 lb of meat and it works great. Might be overkill for what you want, but it will do the job.

Below is a picture of it on my cooker.





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I know this thread is old. However, as I investigated it I came across it and pulled a couple of ideas. Here is what I came up with. Total cost about 70.00, it could be prettier but I don't have the right tools to cut perfectly straight. Total time about 6 hours including fixing a couple of mistakes and brainstorming solutions to problems.
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Tucsonboy, have you used this setup yet? I'd like to know how it worked. I have almost unlimited access to 30 and 55 gallon food grade drums from work. Thinking of adding one of these to my trailer design.
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I haven't yet. This weekend will be its maiden voyage. Although I only have two minor concerns.
1 is the angle of the spit. However that is an easy adjustment.

The second is that I wanted the heating element at the bottom. However, as you can see it is closer to the top. I don't think this will be a big deal as my heating element is adjustable for temperature in case the meat is too close to the element. If it does become an issue I either need to come up with longer fasteners or cut a hole towards the bottom so the element can be moved there.

I will let you know after I use it.
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Keep us posted, don't forget some pics.
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I need more heat!
I ended up using charcoal because the heating element wasn't hot enough.

I'm thinking about electric charcoal starters.

Anyone that has one, can they be plugged in for a long time?
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What about the idea someone earlier on the thread brought up about using steel mesh against the back wall?  You would need to come up with a way that you can drop briquettes down into it. 


I am so going to build one of these, I have to finish the reverse flow I started first but this is definitely on the to do list (its posted under "200 gal oval oil tank reverse flow" on the reverse flow thread).  When I get to it though, my plan is similar to what you have above but I will use a 16 gallon drum (14" diameter) inside of a 20 gallon drum (18.25" diameter).  The 16 gallon drum will be cut with a series of ~4" wide slits about level with the turning plate at the bottom to a level of where I think I can stack the meat to.  The slits will be spaced with about 2 inches between them.  I'll put 1/4" stainless steel hardware cloth over the slits with some flat bar welded between the two drums making compartments that I can fill to whatever height the meat is with charcoal.  As the charcoal burns down, I will flip the hinged door on top and drop pre-lit charcoal from my chimney in to keep the heat on.  At least, that's the plan at this point.


I have a venison gyro recipe that we have been working on for the last couple years, once we figure out the best way to make it into cones its game on!

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I'm looking to keep it electric. I don't know to weld so it limits me to bolting on and bending things. But they sell charcoal trays that you could put at different heights.

I have a basket that I'm going fill with lava rocks to see if the helps.

If anyone does have an electric charcoal starter. I'd like to know how long they can stay lit.
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If you are looking to keep it electric, Dave's idea seems like the way to go.  I hope you find something that works for you, this idea is too good not to keep trying.


FYI, I'm not letting the fact that I have never welded anything get in the way of trying to build a rig!  I bought the Harbor Freight special flux core welder, if the weather ever gets above freezing here I might actually get to use it (or at least embarrass myself trying)...

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Wow I haven't been on here in a while. Good to see this old thread is still going. Is that trash can galvanized? I'd worry about the heat causing poisonous fumes.
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It is galvanized. Does that create fumes or prevent? I've used it twice and haven't had any fumes that I can smell. I'm thinking about going propane instead. Using something like this,

Does anyone know if it can be mounted so the heaters are vertically instead of horizontal?
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